Business Acceleration

At up4d, we are positioned as a premier B2B business accelerator.

Our mission is to empower investors, entrepreneurs, and ventures by providing exceptional products, services and opportunities through our enhanched workbench in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Swiss quality delivered from Vietnam

Our vast LinkedIn network and extensive industry expertise allow us to provide unparalleled services to investors, entrepreneurs, and ventures worldwide.

Where up4d Works – Global

Where up4d Works – Global

up4d offers global acceleration services for investors,
entrepreneurs, and ventures.

up4d's Industry Focus

up4d's Industry Focus

up4d serves a wide range of B2B industries including: 

- ICT and other technologies
- Bio and Health Tech
- Green Tech
- Manufacturing

and many more disruptive B2B game changers.

How up4d Collaborates with You

We use advanced tools to ensure smooth collaboration with you.

Discover how we leverage you through the up4d Digital Business Park, up4d Collaboration Space combined with Slack, and Microsoft Teams to speed and success.

up4d Digital Business Park

  • Events & Bootcamps
  • Meetings & Collaboration
  • Exhibitions & Networking 

up4d Collaboration Space

  • Project & Task Management
  • Performance tracking
  • up4d's B2B Marketplace

Dedicated Slack Spaces

  • Daily Business Communication
  • Mutual access for teammates
  • Document and Image exchanges

Verbal Communication

  • On boarding
  • Kickoffs
  • (Bi)weeklies / Monthlies
  • Support & Calls

up4d B2B Marketplace

Our B2B Marketplace connects businesses globally, offering a platform for networking, collaboration, and growth.

Investor Opportunities

Investors can find exclusive investment opportunities tailored to their specific needs, ensuring optimal returns and strategic growth.

Haven’t found the right opportunity?

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

At up4d, entrepreneurs find professional support in Digital Business Development.

We are LinkedIn and Sales Navigator experts, ensuring accurate lead generation and beyond, including lead conversion and up- and cross-selling.

Venture Opportunities

Ventures can access a wide range of financing options and investor tenders to fuel their growth, supported by our extensive network of investors.
Haven’t found the right opportunity?

Let’s start now


  • Get to know each other
  • Define goals together
  • Initial handshake

Made for Entrepreneurs

  • Onboarding Call
  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Launch the project

Work on progress

  • Weekly meetings
  • Monthly retrospectives
  • Continuous improvements

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