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Empowering B2B Corporates for Efficient Hybrid Collaboration

Challenges of the Hybrid Collaborations

Hybrid collaboration, both remote and in-office work within a company, is a challenging task for:
  • Top and Executive Management
  • Leadership and Recruiting
  • Marketing and Sales Teams

How can your company maintain a strong team spirit over the long term?

Without spontaneous coffee break interactions, team cohesion may weaken.

Is your organization equipped to maintain long-term business relationships?

Hybrid work can lead to customers or sales partners feeling neglected.

Hybrid Work by C-Platforms

Hybrid work by up4d merges virtual and onsite efforts, ensuring flexibility
and productivity coexist seamlessly.

Home Office Work

Home Office Work with C-Platforms

  • Resolve Communication Overlaps
  • Mitigate Security Risks
  • Consolidate Applications for Efficiency
  • Foster Hybrid Leadership

In-Office Work

In-Office Work with C-Platforms

  • Promote Ergonomic Practices
  • Enhance Social Interactions
  • Drive Innovation
  • Strengthen Customer Relations

Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work with C-Platforms

  • Boundary-Free Digital Environment
  • Modernize Colleague Socialization
  • On-Demand Access to Forums
  • Facilitate Digital Events and Collaborations


Marketing & Sales with C-Platforms

  • Centralize Business Operations with One Link
  • Organize Offerings via B2B Marketplace
  • Streamline Cross-Border Payments
  • Enhance Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Efforts


Reseller Programs with C-Platforms

  • Central Hub for Business Integration
  • Provide Precise Reseller Support
  • Enable Global Reseller Integration
  • Empower Resellers with Virtual Office Capabilities


Compliances with C-Platforms

  • Navigate Data Protection Regulations
  • Mitigate Debtor and Credit Risks
  • Streamline Billing and Time Management
  • Implement Agile Project Tracking

Sustainable Social Media Business Development

For B2B corporates, the sales process on social media platforms like LinkedIn is often very challenging, typically resulting in endless lead generation without much success beyond that.

But what happens next with the numerous prospects you’ve won?

Uncover enhanced collaborative opportunities to:

C-Platforms, the innovative Swiss-crafted solution, is also tailored for hybrid sales processes such as Digital Business Development (Social Selling) to:

Benefit from the up4d C-Platforms First Mover Program 2024

The offered C-Platforms First Mover Program 2024 expires on December 31, 2024 or after 15 registered participants.

C-Platforms First Mover Program

15% discount – one-time setup fee

5% discount on the first 12 monthly fees

10% discount to additional requested Social Media Promo Services

An comprehensive two-day entrepreneurial review meetup,
exclusively designed for the innovative participants of the
C-Platforms First Mover Program 2024

The C-Platforms First Mover Program 2024 registration are available until Friday 20th, December 2024

Day 1:
14th, February 2025
09.00 – 16.00

Day 2:
15th, February 2025
09.30 – 15.30

Switzerland Innovation Park Central, Suurstoffi 18b, 6343 Rotkreuz

Hosts of the First Mover Program Review Meetup

Frédéric Mathier

  • CEO & Founder of MAEVO GmbH
  • Negotiation Strategy Expert
  • Keynote Speaker and Educator
  • Lecturer at Multiple Technical Universities

Frédéric Mathier

Negotiation & Growth

Thomas Kistler

  • COB & CEO of up4d Group AG
  • Expert in B2B Business Architecture
  • Mentor for Entrepreneurial Acceleration
  • Specialist in Digital Business Development

Thomas Kistler

Digital Business Development
& Project Management

Adrian Bachofen

  • COB of bbv Software Services AG
  • Board Member at Central Switzerland Innovation Park
  • Mentor and Expert for Entrepreneurs and Board Members
  • Visionary in Innovation Acceleration

Adrian Bachofen

Collaborative Work Management

Michael Eichenberger

  • CEO of Stepping Stone AG
  • Managed Cloud Solutions Expert
  • Specialist in Data Security and Protection
  • GDPR Compliance

Michael Eichenberger

Data Security & Data Protection

Program of the First Mover Program Review Meetup

Workshop Day 1

Workshop Day 1


After check-in, 4 circulating 1-hour workshops on the following topics:

Collaborative Work Management

- Mr. Adrian Bachofen
- focusing on Top Management

Negotiation & Growth

- Mr. Frédéric Mathier
- tailored for Inside Sales, HR and C-Level

Data Security & Data Protection

- Mr. Michael Eichenberger
- aimed at Corporate Stakeholders

Digital Business Development

- Mr. Thomas Kistler
- for Sales & Project Management professional

Meals: Lunch and Dinner in Zug (CH)

Workshop Day 2

Workshop Day 2

After check-in, a 4-hour session on the following activities:

Gathering & Conclusions

- Mr. Frédéric Mathier

- presents outcomes and summaries from the previous day's workshops

Exchange and Inspirations




Innovation Partners

up4d DBD - CRM

Would you like to conveniently manage your lead generation data?

LinkedIn is not a CRM

Restoring social media reach-out data in the corporate environment is crucial for making social media and digital business activities sustainable:

  • Social Media Data Backup
  • Personalize Social Media Data
  • Follow up & Campaign Management

What do you do when your important salesperson quits the job?

You will lose all their social media data unless it was backed up in a CRM.

How do you enrich your social media sales data with sales-relevant information?

To run high-quality LinkedIn campaigns, you should maintain your social media data in parallel with a CRM.

up4d's CRM Solutions

up4d offers CRM tools specifically designed for digital business development (social selling) activities.

Lead Generation

Enhanced Data Management

  • Social Media Data Backup
  • Effective Segmentation
  • Sustainable Lead generation
  • Refinement of Social Media data

Lead Conversion

Streamlined Lead Conversion

  • Sales Funnel
  • Personalized Social Media Data
  • Custom Interactions
  • Faster Closures


CRM for Campaign Management

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Conversion
  • Up- and Cross-Selling

Streamline your client interactions with our Standard CRM, which offers robust functionalities at an economical cost. It’s perfect for businesses looking to enhance efficiency (Digital Business Developement – Social Selling).

Experience the ultimate customization with our Social Media-CRM, designed to adapt to your specific business requirements. Expand your capabilities with advanced features tailored for dynamic market demands.

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  • Launch the project

Work on progress

  • Weekly meetings
  • Monthly retrospectives
  • Continuous improvements

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